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A model of mathematical competence of a future mathematics teacher is presented. The structure of the professional competence of a mathematics teacher includes the following components: value (value self-determination in relation to pedagogical activity), organizational and motivational (ability for personal growth, building an individual educational trajectory of self-improvement), knowledge (a certain level of mathematical knowledge acquired in the educational process and in self-study) , methodical (possession of methods for the formation of mathematical concepts, learning to solve mathematical problems), operational activity (skills and skills of operating with mathematical objects, self-regulation), individual psychological (the presence of professionally important personality traits), social (determines the socialization of the personality of a mathematics teacher in communication with students), evaluative-reflexive (reflection, introspection, the teacher of mathematics has his own ideas about the norms of professional activity and its development), correctional (correction of the result information about the professional activity of a mathematics teacher). The criteria and indicators of the formation of mathematical competence are determined according to the selected levels: threshold, standard, reference.

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