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This article deals with the social, cultural, economic, political and pedagogical problems of science education and the problems of science education and production in the XXI century, which affect and affect the methodology of teaching in the educational process. Understanding its role because it affects individual, social organizational, and social development and functions. Based on the strong practical, philosophical, pedagogical-methodological and theoretical ideas and proposals put forward by our scientists, it is essentially the answer to this extremely rich scientific development in scientific literacy. By supporting action-oriented and problem-based curricula as a key to updating and activating scientific literacy to enhance student performance and national competitiveness in the global economy, the scientific literature provides a strong foundation for updating and transforming science education not only in perspective and approach. Not only that, but the main way of teaching is to study some of his ideas on strategies for solving socio-economic-scientific problems, such as the study of science-education-production cooperation.

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