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Idiomatic expressions, proverbs and sayings are closely connected with a particular nation’s culture and history. For this reason, they are hardly understood by other nations. This is one of the reasons causes some scholars have a point that those kinds of lexical items cannot be translated; however, other authors proposed different translation techniques to find solutions to this problem. This article analyzes particularly this problem. In conducting this research, comparative, contrastive, and content analyses were utilized. To test different scholars’ opposite views, nine English proverbs were randomly selected and translated into Uzbek. Descriptive analysis revealed that one out of nine proverbs could not be translated word-for-word. Nevertheless, eight English proverbs were translated successfully into Uzbek, which means untranslatable or translatable of proverbs depend on availability of some notions in two languages.

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1.First impressions are the most lasting Birinchi taassurot kishi xotirasida uzoq saqlanadi.

2.Fingers were made before forks Men qo‘limda yeyman; men qo‘limda yeyaveraman; o‘zimni qo‘limdan qo‘ymasin.

3.You are what you eat Yemagingiz siz haqingizda so‘zlaydi.

4.An apple a day keeps the doctor away Kanda qilma olmani kunda, Yiroqdursan doktordan shunda

5.After dinner sit a while after supper walk a mile Tushlikdan so‘ng tin ol, kechkidan so‘ng yo‘l ol.

6.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket Boringni biringga tikma.

7.Charity begins at home Rahimdillik – oiladan boshlanadi.

8.Hope for the best and prepare for the worst Yaxshiga umid bog‘la, yomonga o‘zingni shayla

9.A deaf husband and a blind wife are always a happy couple Erning “kar”i, xotinning “ko‘r”i – oilaning zo‘ri



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