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In the works translated from Russian into Uzbek, on the other hand, translators often resort to visual aids. Because these field tools perform a variety of methodological and pragmatic tasks in a literary text, the translator uses them effectively. In the first case, the translator can perceive a semantic image of a verb or adjective in Russian and translate it in the translation by means of a word belonging to an independent category derived from a figurative word. This not only increases the informativeness, emotionality, or expressiveness of the text, but also does not violate the requirement of a volume balance between the original and the translation. Otherwise, the translator enters descriptive words into the text without affixation. On the one hand, it helps to popularize the language of the work, on the other hand, it can lead to criticism that translation units are disproportionate. In our opinion, it is appropriate to use descriptive wording so that the general content of the text does not impair the author's statement.

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