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The work of art is imprinted in the mind of the writer, the situation is a product of the conditions. Man is the most intelligent and perfect creature of the universe. The writer focuses on discovering the inner workings of this creature. The author's self-indulgence, which disturbed his mind and echoed in his past, is in a sense reminiscent of a fate doomed to loneliness. In the story of "Loneliness", the nameless protagonist, who is moving boldly towards the mental balance, is distinguished by the miraculous changes in the psyche, the event of distancing himself from the crowd, which enters life in a mood of dependence. His protagonist does not look at society with a foreign eye. Why, why? His questions keep chasing him. Many of the points in the play are hidden from the subconscious, and their secrets about life are inseparable from the environment in which they live! Because the hero is the active commander of reality! The philosophy of imagination and life that emerges in his inner self describes the interdependence of social order.

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