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The DER (digital educational resources) set is the resources necessary for organizing the educational process and presented in digital form, selected in accordance with the content of a particular textbook, "tied" to lesson planning and provided with the necessary methodological recommendations. The greatest interest among students is the use of an interactive rule, diagram, drawing, poster, where the explanation opens with a mouse click and can be hidden back. Thanks to this feature, the teacher gets additional opportunities when explaining new material: it is possible to focus the attention of students on the information that is most significant at this stage of explanation; you can ask students a question and immediately check the answer by calling it on the screen. Interactive rules make it possible not only to formulate rules, but to consistently lead students to their independent formulation. A set of digital educational resources can be used at all stages of teaching the Russian language: when presenting new material, consolidating, repeating, controlling knowledge, skills and abilities.

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