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This article illustrates the analysis of artistic psychologism in literature study and the features of its development. The aim of this work is to determine the peculiarities of the use of artistic psychologism and its principles. Achieving this goal led to the solution of the following tasks: consider the ways of using artistic psychologism, to identify the description of characters in fictions, to distinguish the details of artistic psychologism. The focus of the research are the theoretical books about the artistic psychologism in literature. The main research method is analytical and comparative analysis. The relevance of the work is determined by the need for further study of artistic psychologism in literature and its view with different principles.

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[13]file:///C:/Users/acer/Desktop/Elbek/I%20BOB/dissertatsiyalar %20 (o'zbekcha) /Badiiy%20 psihologizm%20 (Lon don% 20va% 20 Qah hor). Pdf





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