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In the article the author considers the methods of teaching music in a children's music school in detail. In the course of the work, the author turned to the characterization of the concept of "method" in didactics. Research provides a variety of activities of teachers and students that leads didactics to different interpretations of this concept, thus on this basis, prompts them to distinguish a different number of teaching methods, to give them the appropriate terminology. The author agrees with the opinion of most authors, according to which a teaching method is a way of organizing educational and cognitive activities. The article also states the teaching method, the features of work to achieve the goal are embodied in accordance with the didactic laws, principles and rules, the content and forms of educational work, as well as the methods of teaching work of the teacher and the educational work of children, due to the personal and professional properties and qualities of the teacher and the conditions of the course educational process.

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