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Formulation of the problem. The relevance of the question is due to the importance of gender equality for changing the situation for women around the world. In the modern world, gender equality is considered as one of the key factors in ensuring equal status, creating equal conditions and opportunities for all citizens of all countries, regardless of their gender, in all spheres of public life. However, despite some progress, no country has achieved gender equality [8]. Women continue to be underestimated and subjected to a wide variety of forms of violence and discrimination. In 31 of the 35 countries for which data are available, women are at greater risk of falling into poverty than men. [14] In 19 countries of the world, the law directly obliges women to obey their husbands. In 17 countries, married women are not allowed to leave their homes. In 31 countries, married women do not have the right to choose their place of residence. [10]

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