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In modern English, alliteration means not only the repetition of the initial sounds, but also the sounds in the middle of the word. The folk tradition, as you know, is always vitally stable and the alliteration technique, as an artistic form of folk poetry, has remained in the English language as a proven means of artistic and emotional impact on the reader. Unlike the Uzbek language, where alliteration did not have such deep roots in folk art, in the English language alliteration is widely used as an artistic and stylistic device not only in poetry, but also in fictional prose.This topic is so narrow that it would seem that the few studies devoted to it reveal it in full and contain comprehensive recommendations. However, on closer inspection of these studies a number of ambiguities, inaccuracies are revealed. To eliminate them, it is necessary to once again turn to this topic, which is not only of independent interest, but also as part of a broader problem - the transmission of intralingual meanings in translation. Regarding to this, this article focuses on the alliteration as a special stylistic technique and analyzes some significant points by giving some examples.

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