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The article reveals the spiritual and moral aspects of Utkir Hoshimov's humorous stories, as well as the inner experiences of the heroes in the humorous stories and the flaws in the spiritual world. Defining the role and significance of the creative work of Utkir Hoshimov, the artistic depiction of the issues of the period and the person, as well as the main stages of development of the author's skill in this regard. The author's comic stories are a scientific study of the peculiarities of the nation's way of life and the process of its creation in the context of the literary process of the second half of the twentieth century. The author identifies the comic plot in comic stories and the stages of development of this process in the process of analysis. Scientific study of Utkir Hoshimov's skill in comic character and artistic detail. Utkir Hoshimov's poetic skill is to determine the importance of today's literary process and the leading principles and criteria of the author's work.

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