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Knowing and perceiving objects and events in reality is a structured activity that involves several logical-spiritual actions. In order to understand this activity, the science of cognitology, which emerged in the 19th century as a unique field in linguistics, plays an important role. With the help of cognitive linguistics, which is an integral part of cognitology, we can scientifically study the events that take place in our thinking. If we study euphemisms, which are considered to be a factor in the development of a society's culture, through cognitive analysis, we will get a glimpse of their essence and meaning. As long as human beings are alive, they will always keep in mind the concepts of "death and life" and recognize that "death" is real at every moment. This article discusses the concept of "death" in the process of conversation through euphemistic units in both languages, which are studied in terms of "death" and its reflection in the mind of the listener using the analyzed structures.

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