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The article considers the problem of reflecting new requirements for the content and methodological apparatus of educational literature for universities. Various principles of presentation of educational material are considered. The methodological support of the textbook should contribute to the active formation of competencies by including cases, practice-oriented tasks, and tests. At the heart of the preparation of textbooks for bachelors in disciplines, formed mainly in the basic foundations of science, is the principle of objectivity. Their structure corresponds to the traditional structure of classical textbooks, in which the principles of progressive and cyclical presentation of the material are observed. The preparation of textbooks and study books for masters is based on the activity principle: the process of mastering, reproducing and processing by students of historically formed knowledge, abilities and functions assumes that the author of the educational book selects scientific and professional knowledge of an advanced level and systematizes (structures) them, taking into account the needs of a particular type and form of activity of the future specialist.

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