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The reason of this study is to look at the idiosyncrasies of Abstract: the reason of this ponder is to look at the idiosyncrasies of Uzbek pixie stories, as well as its role within the ethical education of preschool children. With the help of fairy tale characters, we can interest child, produce an educational effect on him and even decide psychological problem. The fairy tale introduces the child for the first time to art and moral beliefs, culture, develops ear for music, thinking, speech and imagination child. A fairy tale is a story about the relationship between people. In the education of people by kind, humanistic, honest fairy tale plays the foremost vital part. A child who, "grew up in fairy tales," will never commit unpleasantness, will keep good faith within the difficult moments of life, because the folk tale is the best instructor. Hence, we ready to securely say that the ponder of pixie tales is always a relevant, necessary direction of work in a present day school.

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