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The article is devoted to the problems of comparative literary criticism, in particular the question of Shakespeare's sonnets in the works of S.Ya.Marshak. Marshak always remained faithful to the classical traditions of Pushkin's times and protected these traditions with irresistible tenacity. The logic of the figurative structure, the deliberate adherence to verse forms, consecrated by centuries of practice, laconicism, the concentration of distinct thought and the experience settled in the word are the features of Marshakov's art. One way or another, Marshak is organically united in all his work and must be viewed through the prism of its amazingly multifaceted, but of solid talent. Without limiting himself to the traditional approach to this issue, which was based on the analysis of only the translation activity of the writer, the author speaks about the need for a system-holistic study of both original and translation creativity of S.Ya. Marshak.

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