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In this article we have analyzed the degree of translability of binomial pairs and compared the lingua stylistic peculiarities of the original and their correspondence with their translations into the English language. We have also overviewed different types of binomial pairs falling into five categories i.e. rhyming binomials, with alliteration and binomial pairs joining by different linking words. Considering two language’s possibilities of adequacy in lexical, phonological and semantic fields we have broadly applied comparative typological methods in translation. Furthermore, basing on some scholar’s theories, we have made an attempt to find appropriate equivalencies in two languages between irreversible binomials, and reversible ones. The object of the research which is being translated from Uzbek into English is “Alexander’s Wall” (“Saddi Iskandariy”) by A. Navoi, and the translation is conducted the prosaic adaptation of the epic - poem by I. Makhsumov and M.Hamidova.

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