Bulletin of TUIT: Management and Communication Technologies


Pre-project research is a strategic stage of the object design process, based on the results of which a decision is made on the level of competitiveness, development prospects, setting a task for the project, labor intensity and feasibilityof creating a system in general.

The existing methods of pre-project research have a high degree of generalization and are practically not formalized in any way. The disadvantage of these methods is that they consider only specific individual prototypes and are aimed at finding solutions to current problems and eliminating individual shortcomings of a particular prototype. Thus, it Is Concluded that It Is necessary to Create a new Cognitive Technology For pre-Project research In Order To obtain The Most complete information For this stage.

The article describes an algorithm for conducting pre-project research and modeling of information systems. The implementation of this algorithm is required to solve the current scientific problem of improving the effectiveness of pre-project work on the creation of information and technical systems. The list of basic procedures necessary for carrying out pre-project work at the stage of conceptual design of information systems is defined.

The proposed methodology will increase the effectiveness of the modeling process and pre-project work when creating information systems by implementing a systematic approach to their analysis and synthesis.


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