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In this era of digital technology, when many new technologies were aimed at integrating new technologies, the blockchain turned out to be the most effective. Blockchain is an innovation in the virtual business world for creating a payment gateway that allows you to create a more secure environment for users. If we are talking about blockchain wallets, they are mainly designed to quickly and securely manage online payments. In this regard, the demand and popularity of the development of blockchain collages is constantly increasing. This article development of electronic payment systems study is devoted. The article discusses the issues of modeling and risk assessment, approaches to risk prevention in the field of electronic payments. In particular, a new blockchain technology wallets is being considered, which will make it possible to prevent a number of risks in electronic payment systems, allow payments to be made at high speed, ensuring a high level of security. Ultimately, companies are looking for convenient, fast and reliable payment systems to streamline processes, and blockchain technology has the potential to make all this a reality - and therefore we expect companies to increasingly look for payment service providers who can help them with access to blockchain . This is likely to be particularly relevant in areas with high levels of exposure, such as multicurrency payments or multi-country payments, which relatively small payment gateways comprehensively cover even in the world, not connected by a single chain. Entering the partner market of other states also apply for legal audits.

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