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In January 2021, in order to assess the level of healthy living of the women of Uzbekistan, i.e. the observance of a healthy lifestyle, to identify many common diseases and problems among women, we conducted mass medical examinations (anthropometric examinations) among women in Namangan and and Andijan cities. 276 women (aged 46-74 years) took part in the medical examination. We have studied all 276 women with age, gender, hereditary diseases, concomitant diseases, and have analyzed and evaluated them based on several principles. We put the data obtained into tables and diagrams so that it is easy to analyze. From the information obtained to us it became clear that anemia, heart stroke, diabetes are more common diseases and mortality, that is, 38% are observed in middle (105 units) – aged women, 34% in elderly (94 units) - old women.

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