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It's no secret that with the development of information technology, many ethical problems of biomedicine have become aggravated. This is especially true of the issue of medical secrecy and protection of patient data. Digital medicine requires the opposite specifically in emergency situations: to disclose all the data concerning the course of the disease in order to reduce its further spread. Every day we read or watch videos from all over the world in the media about sick people and how their diseases are progressing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Confidentiality protection of personal data, information and software support of the user, the validity of mobile medical applications use are among the important issues of the ethical point of view in telemedicine and ethical issues. Many people, undoubtedly, do not want their personal data become the center of discussion. On the other hand, the collection, storage, distribution and further processing of some data can help limit the spread of the virus. Finding a balance in this difficult situation is very difficult. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to reconsider many ethical issues in emergency conditions and develop new arguments in favor of human rights.

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