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The method of laser osteoperforation developed experimentally was approved in 85 patients with chronic osteomyelitis of different forms. A diode laser was used in which wavelength was 970 nm and power – 30 W. Laser osteoperforation was performed transcutaneously in a contact way with a quartz light guide of 0, 4 mm diameter in the projection of bone destruction foci with formation of 2-20 holes. Normalization of temperature and blood indices as well as pain decrease, reduce of soft tissue tension and edema was observed in all the patients in the immediate days after surgery. As a rule, fistulae closed by 7-12 day. In case of chronic osteomyelitis persistent remission is noted during 2-5 years by the objective data (roentgenography, flowmetry, densitometry). Thus, the experience of laser osteoperforation clinical use demonstrates its high effectiveness in treatment of osteomyelitis different forms. The method is of little invasiveness and it allows to reduce the periods of treatment and rehabilitation to a great extent.

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