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Aim of the study: to evaluate the effectiveness of Liverin's influence on the processes of fibrosis of the heart and target organs, including the liver, in different hemodynamic phenotypes of chronic heart failure. Materials and methods: The effect of the drug Liverin on the heart and target organs, including the liver, was studied in 123 patients with CHF with various types of left ventricular ejection fraction. The patients were divided into 2 groups, the 1st group included 64 patients, the 2nd group - 59 patients with CHF. Patients of the 1st group with CHF against the background of standard treatment received the drug Liverin at a dose of 600 mg - 2 ml intravenously for 7 days, after which this drug was prescribed 2 capsules 3 times a day for 3 months. Patients in Group 2 received only standard treatment. After the therapy, 3 months later, the function of the right chambers of heart were assessed using echocardiography and the degree of liver fibrosis was assessed by liver elastography and the levels of galectin-3 and aldosterone in the blood serum were determined. Results: Observation showed that in patients of the 1st group, against the background of the treatment (standard treatment + liverin), central hemodynamic indices improved, there was a significant regression of left ventricular hypertrophy, mean liver density (MLD) and indicators on the Metavir scale (F) decreased, the levels of galectin - 3 and aldosterone in the blood serum decreased significantly, which reflect the activity of fibrotic processes in the body (p <0.001). And also there was an improvement in the clinical and functional state of patients against the background of the treatment, which was reflected by a significant decrease in the diameter of the inferior vena cava and signs of its collapse during a deep breath, as well as signs of pulmonary hypertension in this patient. Patients of group 2 showed a partial improvement in clinical and functional state against the background of blockade of neurohormonal activation, but there was no statistically significant dynamics of indicators of MLD, F, pressure and volume of the right heart. Conclusions: For the early diagnosis of fibrosis of the heart and liver in patients with various hemodynamic types of CHF, it is necessary to perform echocardiography and elastography of the liver and determine the level of galectin-3 and aldosterone in the blood serum. The use of liverin as part of standard therapy for CHF reduces the processes of fibrosis of the heart and liver, leads to regression of cardiac remodeling, as well as an improvement in the clinical and functional state of patients.

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