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The purpose of the study to study and analyze electrophysiological indicators in the early diagnosis of primary open-angle glaucoma. Material and research methods. Studies of electrophysiological characteristics were carried out in RSSPMCEM under photopic conditions on a Neuro-ERG device from Neurosoft company using chess receptive fields of 0.75 arc minutes in black and white and blue-yellow versions. Clinical static perimetry was performed in the RSSPMCEM on a TOMEY AP-3000 (Automated Perimeter) device with the ability to conduct threshold and color-opposing methods for studying the central field of view. Results. When analyzing the main functional perimetric indices and the nature of the topography and depth of defects in the central field of view (MD, PSD, CPSD), a significant change in the light sensitivity thresholds of the blue-yellow perimetry relative to the standard research method was noted. Conclusion. The complex use of ERG and static perimetry makes it possible to reveal the presence of changes in the visual system at the early preclinical stages of the development of glaucomatous optic neuropathy.

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