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Background: Recently, the quantity of acute purulent - septic diseases and it related complications are one of urgent problems of clinical medicine (6). Especially, patients having purulent - septic complications are aggravated by acute hepatic-renal insufficiency (AHRI), which is caused by serious disturbance of liver and kidneys organs. Objectives: With the purpose of study of a liver functional state and optimization of treatment of hepatic encephalopathy we carried out the research. Materials/patients and methods: 34 patients with sugar diabetes complicated various purulent-septic diseases are studied: Based on classification of severity and prevalence of purulent process all patients were divided into 3 groups. The first group consist of 9 patients with a satisfactory general state and easy degree of endogenic intoxication. Second group included 14 patients with a general state of average severity and average degree of endogenic intoxication, the inflammation process was distributed on 2 - 3 topographical areas for them. The third group included 11 patients with high severity, inflammatory process on a background expressed intoxication syndrome (serious degree of endogenic intoxication), the purulent process was distributed on superficial and deep fascial-cellular tissue for them. Results and conclusions: Thus, the data, received by us, testify that the degree of change of the majority of parameters of a liver functional state for patients with purulent-septic complications depends on severity of suppurative inflammation. In this connection taking into account a state of a liver, we regard necessary to include hepatoprotectors in particular Hepa-Merz (L-ornitine-L-aspartate) in treatment besides desintoxication therapy.

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