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The industrial zone is characterized by the variability of the chemical composition of the air, which contributes to the analysis of its main indicators. The purpose of this work is to study air pollution in industrial areas of industrial zones. The object of research was the working conditions of employees of enterprises located in the Kirguli industrial zone. The subject of research was the production factors of labor, quantitative and qualitative indicators of the chemical factor, professional risks. The study of the working conditions of workers in an industrial zone made it possible to identify the leading production factors - the chemical factor, in combination with high dust content. The working conditions of the studied industrial enterprises on the territory of the industrial zone, according to the indicators of harmfulness and danger of factors of the production environment, the severity and intensity of the labor process, were assessed as "harmful" - grade 3, grade 3 and 4, the levels of occupational risk - "above average" and "high" .

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