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The role of nutrition in ensuring the health of a modern person is becoming in-creasingly important both at the level of national and international programs. The nutritional factor is essential in the correction of overweight and obesity. Purpose of the study. Influence of the effectiveness of fractionated and heat treated wheat bran. on weight status in animal experiments. Materials and research methods. Sexually mature outbred white rats (weight - 140-150 g). 1.group - control - animals are on a full-fledged general food ra-tion; Group 2 experiment - animals with the introduction of the studied wheat bran into the diet. Euthanasia of animals was carried out by introducing deep anesthesia with ether in accordance with the requirements of the European Convention for the Protection of Experimental Animals 86/609 EEC. Research results. Wheat bran, fractionated and heat-treated, activate energy expenditure in the body and stimulate metabolic and fecal processes, which provide weight loss, which may serve as a basis for recommending the intake of the studied wheat bran for weight correction.

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