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Purpose: To determine the working conditions of the main professional groups of the working enterprise for the production of plastic products "K.N.PLASTPRODUKT" on the basis to Sanitary rules and regulations of RUz No. 0141-03 "Hygienic classification of working conditions according to indicators of hazards and hazards of factors of the production environment, severity and stress of the labor process." Results: According to Sanitary rules and regulations of RUz No. 0141-03, the working conditions of freight forwarders of the plant for the production of plastic products "K.N.PLASTPRODUKT" belong to the permissible, i.e. 2 class (2), working conditions of control assistants, accountants, operators of extrusion machines and foundry on the basis of timing observations taking into account the severity of the work process, the work pose, the number of stereotypical movements of hands and fingers, as well as labor intensity, accuracy of work, density of received signals, level of visual work and performance of similar operations belong to "harmful" 3 class, 2 degree (3.2). Conclusions: The impact on working enterprises of unfavourable factors of working conditions, severity and tension of the labor process, can lead to the development of fatigue in the dynamics of the working day and a decrease in the efficiency of employees.

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