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Objective: to study the features of the immune and neuroendocrine links of the reproductive function disorder pathogenesis in women with autoimmune thyroiditis and on this basis to substantiate fertility reproduction. Material and Methods: The research presents the analysis of the dynamic monitoring results and the evidences of clinical, immunologic and hormonal examinations of 325 women with reproductive disorders and autoimmune thyroiditis. The control group included 30 healthy women of maternal age. Results and conclusions: clarified and expanded conceptions on the immunological and neuroendocrine links of the reproductive disorders formation pathogenesis in women with AI``T; presented data of immunoregulatory and effector role cytokines in the progression of immune system dysregulation in various clinical events of AIT in women with reproductive failure; the relationship between immune and endocrine changes was investigated for the first time and progression of reproductive disorders was shown in association with a number of unidirectional changes in the immune system: imbalance of cytokines, a decrease in the number of activation markers of early activation lymphocytes, increase of late activation lymphocytes, increase in the number of the B-lymphocytes quantity, antibodies to thyroperoxidase and antibodies to thyroglobulin; it is established that the pathogenesis of menstrual cycle and reproductive disorders in women with AIT is caused by a combination of endocrine changes and immunological abnormalities, the nature and severity of immunological and endocrine disorders depends on the stage of AIT progress; the features of the formation of ovarian insufficiency syndrome in patients with AIT were studied taking into account the stage of development of the autoimmune process.

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