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Research objective: to improve the outcomes of surgical treatment in patients with ankylosing spondyloarthritis. Materials and research methods. The research included 99 patients with ankylosing spondyloarthritis who underwent total hip arthroplasty in the Department of Adult Orthopedics of the Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics and the Department of Traumatology of the Republican Clinical Hospital No. 1 in the period 2011 to 2020. During the research we used a device designed by us for determining the insertion depth of the acetabular component of the hip implant (utility model patent provided by the Intellectual Property Agency, FAP 2015 0108 dated July 7, 2015). As well we applied a device for hip joints motion development (utility model patent FAP 2016 0077 dated June 17, 2016). The absolute values of the functional state of patients before THA were assessed on the Oberg scale. Results. According to the results of research, it was established that hip joint dysfunctions depended on the intensity of clinical signs and AS of 3 and 4 stages was the indication for THA. Besides, in the treatment of patients with AS, the use of cementless endoprosthesis allowed to widely implement the method of hip arthroplasty. In cases of patients with AS associated with severe osteoporosis, protrusive coxitis and defects in the acetabulum walls, the operation of choice was THA using bone cement. Alongside with this, during the surgery, we used the device to determine the depth of the acetabular component, which facilitated the performance of the surgical intervention and reduced postoperative complications. Conclusion. Evaluation of long-term outcomes of treatment showed that indicators of good results in the core group were significantly higher compared to the control. According to the results, THA in patients with AS, regardless of age, is the effective method of surgical treatment that eliminates pain and improves the patient's quality of life.

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