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At present, the factor of healthy nutrition is recognized as one of the key components of the general strategy of the WHO, according to which 60% of the causes of death of people are directly related to nutritional problems. The food formula of the 21st century is constantly consuming the products with desired properties (functional food products) and biologically active food additives along with traditional natural food products. The purpose of this work is to study the nutritional and biological values of the water fortifier "Marjon", in order to find the most rational ways to utilize it in human nutrition. Materials and research methods Materials for research were water fortifier “Marjon”, drinking water, 54 white outbred sexually mature rats of both sexes and 2 rabbits. In provided researches, the following methods were used: organoleptic, physicochemical, microbiological and toxicological methods. Research results Based on the results of our own research, examination of the materials of the scientific dossier and literature data, it was established that water fortifier “Marjon”, produced by “ORION SKORPION” Ltd (Uzbekistan), designed to increase the alkalinity of the medium enriched with calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) ions, adsorption of heavy metals and chlorine ions of drinking water made by fractionation of crushed dolomite (microcalcite) according to Ts 25280147-14: 2017 is intended for direct use. Based on the results of toxicological studies of food products, it was found that according to the parameters of acute toxicity with the intragastric route of intake of food additives, it belongs to low-toxic substances class (class IV). Results hematological, biochemical and histomorphological studies of internal organs, confirms that the water fortifier with prolonged intragastric intake does not provide a toxic effect on the organism of experimental animals. Conclusion. Results of nutritional and biological values allow making a conclusion about the biomedical safety of the water fortifier “Marjon” (Uzbekistan) for human health and can be approved for use in accordance with the prescriptions and in the established order.

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