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In December 2019 Coronavirus begin to spread first in China than COVID-19 quickly crossed whole European countries and spreads to the US, South America. Corovirus also came to Uzbekistan through Europe. COVID-19 evokes risky clinical features such as: pneumonia in the lung and acute respiratory distress syndrome which leads to breathlessness and multi organ damage. On March 11, WHO declared the COVID-19 a pandemic. Members of this virus can cause respiratory, enteric, hepatic, and neurological diseases in human body. Laboratory analysis such as decreased total white blood cell count, decreased lymphocyte count, lymphopenia, increasing of liver enzymes, C-reactive protein, Increased D-dimer were common in COVID-19 patients. Standard radiographic Imaging examination Chest X-Ray were useful for monitoring of the treatment, especially ICU care patients and patients with severe pneumonia who always on SPAP portable X – Rays were method of choice. Multi detector computed tomography very sensitive for lung changes in COVID-19 is the method of choice in the study of COVID-19 pneumonia, even in the initial stages.

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