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Research objective: to develop proposals and recommendations for improving the medical and social rehabilitation of patients and invalids after knee arthroplasty. Materials and methods. The research covered data of 125 patients and invalids with various degenerative-dystrophic processes of one or both knee joints whom the total knee arthroplasty was performed in the period 2012 to 2019. All patients underwent medical rehabilitation in the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation and Prosthetics Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 100 (80%) patients were of active working age - from 25 to 55. For the research the patients were distributed by three rehabilitation groups: the 1st group (n=86) - rehabilitants with a unilateral defect, replaced by the artificial implanted joint; the 2nd group (n=32) - rehabilitants with the unilateral defect, who underwent total knee arthroplasty; the 3rd group (n=7) - patients with a unilateral defect who underwent total knee arthroplasty, but had severe pathology: III-IV degree arthrosis-arthritis of the contralateral joint or lumbar osteochondrosis. Results: Application of the proposed device designed by us for early activation of the operated joint contributed to reduce the number of contractures in the operated joint in 80% of patients. The results of the statistical analysis on using our individual rehabilitation program for patients and invalids after total knee arthroplasty allowed to evaluate the efficacy of the range and standards of rehabilitation care at inpatient and outpatient stages, which resulted in reduction of temporary disability up to 1 month in 37.5% patients. Conclusion. The proposed timely and continuously conducted staged medical and social rehabilitation showed high efficacy in 65.5% of patients and good efficacy in 20.8%.

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