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In this paper, was analyzed the data of scientific research on the importance of extragenital diseases in the structure of maternal mortality. In the civilized world’s countries, extragenital diseases occupy the first place among the causes of maternal mortality. According to the WHO and many scientists, among the deceased women in childbirth and puerperas, 37.9% died of extragenital pathology, of which 35.3% were respiratory diseases, 14.1% - diseases of the circulatory system, 7.0% - injuries and poisoning, 3, 5% - neoplasms, 2.4% each - some infectious diseases, congenital anomalies; 1.2% each - diseases of the nervous system, digestive organs, musculoskeletal system. Of extragenital pathologies, chronic conditions etiologically unrelated to pregnancy are often found, such as cardiovascular diseases; systemic diseases of the connective tissue; bronchopulmonary diseases; digestive tract diseases; liver disease kidney disease chronic diseases of the blood system; diseases of the nervous system; diabetes and others.

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