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Research objective. The present research evaluates some indicators of cytokine status in patients with urticaria for evaluation of the clinical course. Material and methods. 93 patients with urticaria at the age from 14 to 88 years were examined. The severity of the clinical course was assessed according to the Urticaria activity score-7. The determination of total IgE and IL-4, IL-6 and IL-10 was performed by ELISA. The digital material is processed by the method of variational statistics. Results. In patients with urticaria in cytokine status, there is an increase in anti-(IL-4, IL-6) and proinflammatory (IL-10) cytokines against a background of hyperproduction of total IgE. Conclusion: In patients with chronic urticaria there is a predominance of IL-6 production against the background of hyperproduction of total IgE and IL-10, causing a pronounced secondary immunological failure and decompensatory form.

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