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Background. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is a chronic disease which is accompanied with bleeding and decrease in platelet count due to its pathogenesis and treatment. The pathogenetic treatment of ITP is considered to be the use of glucocorticosteroid hormones. Clinical observations indicate that gastrointestinal tract complications such as acute gastritis, duodenitis, gastrointestinal ulcers or exacerbation of previously existing chronic pathologies may occur when patients with ITP take in glucocorticosteroid hormones per os in large doses for a long time. This study was performed to develop prevention methods of stomach and duodenum complications related to hormonal therapy in patients with ITP. Materials and methods. Patients were classified according to the complications of different disorders: gastroduodenitis - 22 (23.1%), gastric ulcers - 6 (6.3%), and duodenal ulcer (or exacerbation of the latter) - 5 (5.3%), exacerbation of colitis - 2 (2.1%), gastrointestinal discomfort - 10 (10.5%), stomach pain -5 (5, 3%). Totally, 50 (52.6%) out of 95 patients with ITP (both adults and children) were registered to have complications of gastrointestinal tract after enteral glucocorticosteroid administration. Findings. It is recommended to transfer corticosteroid administration from per os to the form of inhalation or intravenous one. The relationship between number of platelets and the indication for the performance of an endoscopic examination of gastrointestinal tract along with gastric ulcer hemorrhage has been proven. Endoscopic examination of patients with TP is recommended to be carried out in the stage of clinical remission.

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