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Introduction. The present work reveals the essence of the activity of the branch center of professional development and retraining for the pedagogical staff under the Tashkent Medical Academy and its perspectives. The survey presents a short history on opening of this center which is considered to be the leading one for the pedagogical staff of all medical educational institutes in Uzbekistan, who receives retraining every three years to gain new experiences, exchange information about worldwide advanced methods for further interaction and teaching with the medical students. The aim of the work is to analyze and show development and significance of the courses of the center for regular updating of the professional knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to ensure the educational process at a high scientific and methodological level, to promote the continuous development of professional and pedagogical skills based on qualification requirements, curricula and programs. Master classes are held by the retraining and advanced training courses. The processes of re-training courses are held at the highest appropriate level according to the main aim of the center. Conclusion. The system of advanced training and retraining of the pedagogical staff functions and develops in a single process of updating national education, ensuring the personnel potential of the reform. The activities of the Industry Centers have reached the level of a system that is able to flexibly and quickly respond to innovations introduced into the educational process. The result, the final criterion for the quality of this activity is the improvement of the quality of training and education of our students.

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