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Introduction. The research considers an issue on the prevalence and risk factors of bronchial asthma in children living in the industrial zones of the Tashkent region. The aim of research is to study and analyze the dynamics of the general and primary prevalence and risk factors of BA development in school children living in the industrial zones of the Tashkent region. Materials and methods. An observation of 5500 children, aged 7-8 and 13-14 years, had been carried out as a part of the present study. The research was performed in two stages: Stage I presented a questioning according to the ISAAC international questionnaire adapted to the conditions of Uzbekistan and translated into Uzbek language. Stage II of the research (clinical, functional and allergological studies) was conducted for children who gave positive answers to questionnaire. Results and discussion. Before the epidemiological research according to the ISAAC program at the practical health care facilities in the Tashkent region, asthma was diagnosed in 2.3% of school-aged children (23 cases per 1000 children). After the ISAAC investigation, the prevalence of clinically diagnosed BA in school-aged children increased almost three times and made in average 6.6%. Comparing these indicators, a conclusion was made, that hypodiagnosis of bronchial asthma was apparent. Conclusion. Research data obtained by applying the international ISAAC questionnaire at schools made it possible for early diagnosis and medical observation of children with bronchial asthma. The severity of the disease determines the reliability of the clinical and laboratory parameters of atopic BA in children. Despite a high specificity and importance of each issue, the final diagnosis requires an in-depth clinical, functional and allergological examination based on generally accepted clinical recommendations.

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