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Introduction. The research covers one of the relevant bioethical problems - the problem of equity in healthcare. It reveals the features of the state policy carried out in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of healthcare, particularly the problems of private medicine and compulsory medical insurance. The aim of the research is to determine the level of awareness of the population of Uzbekistan on the principle of equity in healthcare system, as well as to assess opinions and attitudes towards the private medicine and compulsory health insurance. Methods of work. A sociological survey in the form of questioning was carried out among the population of Tashkent in the makhallas “Beryuniy”, “Olympia”, “Moikurgan”, “Beshkurgan”, “Tinchlik”, “Astrabod”. The survey involved 200 people of different gender and age. Results and discussion. The results of the questioning revealed a number of relevant issues in healthcare system: provision of equity in the field of healthcare through adoption of certain laws, as well as via coduction of reforms in the Republic, projection of private sector in receiving of qualified medical care, lack of awareness among the population on the phased implementation of compulsory health insurance from January 1, 2021, which should ensure justice in healthcare. Conclusion. Arrangement of compulsory medical insurance will help to solve such problems as: the formation of a competitive environment and the establishment of quality standards for the services provided; ensure equity in resource allocation; give freedom of choice of a medical institution or a doctor, stimulate the use of resource-saving technologies; improving the well-being of health care and improving the material and technical base of health care institutions; creation of conditions for attracting investments in the development of medical science and technology.

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