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Objectives. This work explores characteristics of dispersion and the concentrations of pollutants. The Center of Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzhydromet) monitors air pollution in the cities of the Republic. The monitoring program covers 5 main pollutants: dust (suspended solids), carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide), nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide. The aim of the work is a hygienic assessment of the state of atmospheric air according to the Uzhydromet of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Materials and methods. The data of 63 stationary observation posts allows us to analyze the average level of air pollution in the republic and to calculate the atmospheric pollution index, which gives an integral characteristic of the air pollution level for the city over the year. Results and discussion. An analysis of the data showed that over the studied period, an increased degree of atmospheric pollution index was observed only in Angren: 2014 - 5.12, 2016 - 5.32, 2017 - 5.30. In other cities of the republic, increased IAP (Index of Atmospheric Pollution) was not observed. Conclusion. When assessing the sanitary state of the air environment of the populated areas of Uzbekistan, it should be noted that, despite the decrease in total emissions of pollutants, it is not accompanied by stabilization and, all the more, improvement in the quality of atmospheric air.

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