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Objectives. The work presents discussion and analysis of the applied simulation methods for teaching students to the practical skills. The role of the university center in the organization of a learner-centered pedagogical approach in the educational process is noted. Material and methods. For significant improvement of teaching quality of medical disciplines, the method of simulation training basing on the technique a "standardized patient” was applied in the Kazan State Medical University since 2004 as the basis of a separate training course for students of the 4rd and 5th courses of medical and pediatric faculties. Results and discussion. The method of training with the use of "standardized patient” technique forced the student to activate his memory, to integrate all methods of working with the patient, and to apply them in a specific situation. The analysis was carried out on the effectiveness of the "standardized patient" methodology both as educational and examinational methods. Conclusion. The technique "standardized patient" should be accepted as one of the effective simulation methods of training, which allows students to show their competence and creativity in resolving situational problems, to develop communicational skills with the patient, to form the necessary algorithm of actions in work with the real patient.

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