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Research objective: To increase the efficacy of diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of patients with impacted incisors and canines on the maxilla; to develop and propose a new technique for determining the topography of impacted teeth (incisors and canines) on the maxilla, using the highly informative data of cone-beam computed tomography; to apply a new method of diagnosis in the planning of comprehensive orthodontic treatment of patients with impacted teeth; to introduce this method into the clinical practice of orthodontist. Materials and methods. In the process of the research to obtain a three-dimensional image the X-ray device "PlanmecaProMax 3D Mid" with «Planmeca Romexis» – the software for saving, viewing and changing images were appied. For composing and conducting measurements on the image we used "Dolphin Imaging" (3D Surgery and Ceph Tracing) (USA) program. In determination of the levels of impacted teeth location and angles of their longitudinal axes inclination in three mutually perpendicular planes according to the proposed technique we applied a computed tomogram of patient. Findings. Using the data of cone-beam computed tomography, the orthodontist developed and introduced into practice a method for determining the spatial location of frontally impacted teeth in the upper jaw. This method allows to determine the level of location and the degree of its inclination, which is very important when planning complex orthodontic and surgical treatment of patients with impacted teeth.

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