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Research objective. Under conditions of unilateral ureter occlusion, development of microhemodynamic disorders of cortical substance in kidneys was studied both on the damage side and on contralateral (opposite) side. Materials and methods. Under the conditions of the experiment, we studied the state of microhemodynamics of the cortical region of both kidneys during the development of unilateral hydronephrosis. The experiments were conducted on 90 (48 experimental, 36 false-operated, 6 intact) outbred adult males. Results. It has been established that disorders on the side of occlusion depend on duration of obstruction in lumen of ureter, which determines the development of tissue hypoxia and violates trophic renal parenchyma. Conclusion. Dynamically functional disorders of the microvasculature occur at the early (on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th day), and irreversible changes in the renal parenchyma at the later (on the 14th and 30th day) stages of the experiment. The contralateral one responds to turning off the function of one kidney by adaptive restructuring of the microhemocirculatory system, which is manifested by micro vessels dilatation and an increase in the linear velocity of blood flow in them, which ensures its hyperfunction.

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