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The aim. To develop proposals and recommendations for improving the medical and social rehabilitation of patients and disabled people after hip replacement. Materials and methods. The basis of this study was data on patients and people with disabilities with various degenerative and dystrophic diseases of one or both TBS who underwent the operation of total EP TBS for the last 7 years (2012-2019). A total of 125 patients and invalids were examined, sent to the National Center for Rehabilitation and Prosthetics of the Disabled of the Republic of Uzbekistan for medical rehabilitation from VTEC and clinical hospitals in Tashkent and other medical institutions of the republic. Of these, 68 (54%) patients were women and 57 (46%) were male. Of the total 100 (80%) patients were in active working age - from 25 to 55 years. Of the total number of rehabilitants, we identified 3 rehabilitation groups. Moreover, the main criterion for the separation of the group was the severity of violations of the SDF of the musculoskeletal system. The first group is rehabilitants with a one-sided defect, replaced by an artificial implanted joint. There were no pathologies of the contralateral joint or other links in the patients with this syndrome. The size of the group was 86 people. person. The second group of rehabilitants had a one-sided TBS defect, compensated by the operation of total TBS EP; from the contralateral joint, coxarthrosis of the I-II degree was detected. The second group consisted of 32 patients. The third group included patients with a unilateral defect, compensated by a total EP of TBS and severe pathology from other parts of the ODS: coxarthrosis of the contralateral joint of the III-IV degree or osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. Results. The use of the device developed by us for early activation of the operated joint helped to reduce the number of contractures in the operated joint in 80% of patients. The results of the statistical analysis obtained with the application of the individual rehabilitation program developed by us for patients and disabled people after total TBS EP allowed us to evaluate the effectiveness of the volume and standards of rehabilitation care at the inpatient and outpatient stages, which contributed to the reduction of temporary disability to 1 month in 37.5% sick. Conclusion. The proposed timely and continuously conducted staged medical and social rehabilitation made it possible to obtain a high and 20.8% of patients with a good rehabilitation effect in 65.5% of patients.

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