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Elimination of persistent and extensive defects of the anterior wall of the trachea is an urgent problem and continues to be the subject of research and discussion of thoracic surgeons, plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists. Despite the large number of studies devoted to this problem, to the present time, the morphogenesis of scar stenosis of the trachea has not been studied enough. The authors summarized the data available in the literature of morphological studies of tracheal stenosis and presented their own material on the structural changes of the tracheal wall during its stenosis and after dilation using a T-shaped endoprosthesis. Morphological studies performed by the authors have shown that in tracheal stenosis there is a reduction of the epithelial lining of the mucous membrane with a significant growth of coarse-fibered connective tissue. Primary in the development of tracheal stenosis is damage to the epithelial lining. Dilation with a T-shaped prosthesis for 5-6 months helps to restore the multilayer epithelium of the mucous membrane, longer stenting leads to the appearance of highly specialized ciliated and goblet-shaped cells.

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