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To improve the morphological and functional state of the liver in patients with disseminated echinococcosis after surgical treatment. Material and methods: the treatment results of 58 patients with disseminated echinococcosis of the liver and abdominal organs, operated at the clinic of Andijan State Medical Institute, have been analyzed. Results: detoxification, antioxidant, hepatoprotective preparations in combination with other drugs and decompression interventions appear to be the leading links in the complex of treatment of these patients. Unsatisfactory results in patients of the comparison group confirmed the opinion of researchers that with infected and, moreover, internal organ dissemination of echinococcosis, the contamination of microorganisms is supported by secondary infection of the biliary tree, which necessitates another, more effective method of antibiotic prophylaxis. The developed set of measures in patients with disseminated echinococcosis of the liver before, during surgery and in the postoperative period allowed to reduce the number of unsatisfactory results.

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