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The article is devoted to the assessment of the quality of life of patients with cirrhosis of the liver after portosystemic shunting. To assess the quality of life, a special questionnaire was used for patients with chronic liver diseases - The Chronic Liver Disease Questionnaire. Also in our study we applied visual analogue scales. The analysis of the quality of life was performed in 490 patients with cirrhosis of the liver after portosystemic shunting. Of the total sample of patients analyzed in our work, the proportion of follow-up results was 78.6% (385 patients). Taking into account the main pathology, both the quality and duration of life of patients with cirrhosis after portosystemic shunting against the background of an adequately functioning shunt mainly depends on the functional reserve of the liver, the condition of which should be supported by medication aimed at correcting the basic functions of the liver. In patients with portal hypertension in the absence of risk of hemorrhagic syndrome after portosystemic shunting, it is of fundamental importance to have regular follow-up and conduct courses of conservative therapy for the prevention or treatment of other complications with cirrhosis of the liver, which proves the revealed level of the quality of life index with absolute predominance (P <0.001) both on the scales of the CLDQ questionnaire and on visual analogue scales of general well-being and health in the group of patients following postoperative recommendations.

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