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Objective: Improving the results of surgical treatment of damage to the flexor tendon of the fingers of the hand through the implemented rehabilitation method developed by us. Materials and methods: To analysis, the results of surgical treatment, we studied 42 case histories of patients with injuries to flexor tendons of the fingers at the level of the osteo-fibrous canal treated in the period from 2016 to 2018 in the emergency traumatology department, second clinic of the Tashkent Medical Academy. Two groups of patients identified: First group, comparisons, (n = 13), treated using traditional surgical tactics and methods of fixation of the tendon with postoperative immobilization of the hand from threeto fourth weeks. The second group, the main one, (n = 29), to which patients applied the improved restorative treatment complex used by the combined methods of tendon sutures and tendon fixation techniques with postoperative dynamic immobilization of the brush from threeto fourth weeks. Results: The data obtained in the main group of patients showed that the developed method of treatment allowed reducing the level of unsatisfactory results from 0.8% to their complete absence, reducing the number of satisfactory results by 8.5%, increasing the number of good results by 2.4% and excellent results by 11.7% , reduce the time of postoperative development from 48.43 ± 5.21 to 37.82 ± 6.81 days. Conclusions: The proposed method reduces the postoperative development time of a finger by 10.61 days, reduces the level of satisfactory results by 8.5%, increases good results by 2.4% and excellent results by 11.7% and may be an alternative method for preventing the development of cicatricial contracture of fingers in patients with finger damage brushes.

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