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Objective: analysis of the effectiveness of contact ureterolithotripsy and remote ureterolithotripsy in patients with large stones of the upper third of the ureter. Material and methods: Under supervision in the period from 2012 to 2014 there were 54 patients with urolithiasis aged 34 to 52 years who were admitted on an emergency basis to the urology department of the 1st Republican Clinical Hospital. Results: The results of treatment depend on the size of the stone. Contact ureterolithotripsy and distant ureterolithotripsy are most effective for stones larger than 0.5 cm. For larger stones, more repeated interventions, additional invasive procedures (catheterization, stenting, percutaneous nephrostomy) are required, the risk of inpatient stay increases. Conclusions: The use of innovative methods of treatment for urolithiasis, especially large-sized stones, makes it possible to achieve complete relief of the patient from stones, reduce the length of the postoperative rehabilitation period, and reduce the number of hospital days.

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