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Objective: To study the degree of antilysozyme and antilactoferrin activities of Candida fungi, isolated from the oral cavity of patients with various clinical forms of candidiasis stomatitis. Materials and Methods: 353 strains of Candida fungi, including 244 strains isolated from patients with candidiasis of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, and 109 clinical strains obtained from individuals of the comparison group were studied. Results: Candidiasis of the oral cavity excreted fungi of the genus Candida, differing in pronounced persistent potential. Certain strains of opportunistic fungi obtained with candida stomatitis have more persistent characteristics than clinical strains isolated from patients without pathology of the oral mucosa. Conclusions: In chronic course of the disease, the high activity of Candida persistence factors is detected, which determines the significant probability of recurrence of the disease. The strains of C. albicans have high antilactoferrin and antilysozyme activities.

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