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The purpose of the study: analysis of the results and complications of endoscopic operations on Urolithiasis. Materials and methods:195 patients, who underwent endoscopic surgery in RSCU during the period 2015-2017 were recruited in our study on nephrolithiasis. Mean size of the stone was 22.88 ± 1.14 (4-90) mm. According to the type of stones, single "simple" stones were detected in 86 (44.1%) patients, «сomplex» stones – in 109 (55,9%) patients, from them in 55 (28.2%) patients multiple stones were detected, in 20 (10.26%) patients staghorn stones were found, in 34 (17, 44%), multiple and staghorn stones were identified.Results:According to the results of the analysis, 26.44% of patients after operation of PCNL, and after URS, residual stones were detected in 9.5%. Based on the complexity of stones in simple stones, the percentage of residual stones was 9.3%, while for complex stones the percentage of residual stones was 36.7%.Conclusion: Based on the results of the classification of complications after surgical interventions according to the modified Clavien-Dindo classification, 68.1% complications were light and required only conservative treatment, whereas 31.9% required additional interventions under local or general anesthesia.